Case Study: how Shook got his fans to invest in his new song

Feb 08

Supporting Shook.

AIP is the innovative platform where artists, musicians and any other music copyrights owner can offer part of their future earnings (of a new song) to the public. 

This new approach offers artists the opportunity to generate immediate revenue out of an unreleased, new song (similar to an advanced payment by a record label)), while activating their community to become involved on a business level with revenue generation and global promotion of their beloved music.

To provide a better insight in what a public offering (as we like to call it New Share Offering or NSO) can do for you as an artist and fan we teamed up with truly independent artist Shook.

Promote Independent Artist

In the studio with Shook

The story behind Survivors.

Together with Shook we decided to launch his latest track Survivors on AIP. Survivors has an emotional, caring angle as it is closely connected with Shooks' illness and the support he got from his fans while fighting for his life.

The song Survivors is a carefree, easy-listening experience with a deep appreciation for classical piano, vintage synths and top notch digital processing. It was especially written for people who need support while dealing with chronic and acute illnesses. They are fighting to survive. They are the survivors. 

Together we are strong. Team up. Partner up!

For the promotion of the NSO we decided to work together with multiple partners. First we agreed with AIP that all fans who registered and invested in the NSO of Survivors were rewarded with US$5 of free credit. This free credit was sponsored by the company behind the versatile and mobile MIDI keyboard Xkey. This company, CME, was interested to be part of this innovative movement and connected with Shook as an influencer to promote their product towards fans and musicians using MIDI, keyboards and synths in any form.

Because the concept of profit sharing and investing in music is kind of abstract and therefore not directly connected to Shook and his fans, it was decided to connect with the Support Casper project. This project takes care of pioneering research against pancreatic cancer. By supporting the song Survivors, you directly supported the Support Casper project.

Shared Promotions. From social post to video.

To ensure visibility of the innovative model AIP offers, we understood that with such a new and unknown concept as "profit sharing through public offers" or "a shared earning construction with your fans", it was not us taking the easy road. That is why Shook and AIP agreed to create a number of short videos to promote the NSO of Survivors on social media and through paid advertisements. 

Also Shook connected with his favourite brands and partners to ensure worldwide visibility with featured stories and shared posts by CME, Audient, Sequential (DSI - Dave Smith Instruments) and of course Support Casper.

All actions were in service of activating Shook's fans and other interested people, wondering around the world wide web. With these campaigns we interacted with a wide range of music fans, industry professionals, traders, investors and people who supported the cause of Support Casper.

Take a closer look at the effectiveness of these campaigns on Shook's Facebook page (underneath) and one of the videos (above) created to promote the song as well as the NSO of Survivors.

Besides his social channels, Shook also activated his Youtube channel and Soundcloud community by launching the pre-mastered version of Survivors on both platforms. 

In potential the NSO reached the following number of fans:

  • Facebook: 35k followers
  • Instagram: 6k followers
  • Youtube: 14k subscribers
  • Soundcloud: 50k followers

The results in real data.

With all this promotional work and after the NSO period ended we can provide a transparent insight in the results. This overview show that the AIP model is working. For the artist, for the fans, for the partners and for the investors.

  • NSO results for Shook: US$ 6,978.98
  • Raised for Support Casper: US$ 2,500
  • Number of investors in NSO: 272
  • Number of plays Youtube video: 4,255
  • Number of plays Soundcloud: 2.145
  • Number of referrals of NSO from AIP: 247
  • Price per share after NSO: US$ 0.35
  • Current trading price per share: US$ 0.45
Independent artist Shook

Shook in his home studio. Look at those synths!

What's up next?

The NSO period can be seen in three ways. At one side we have the pre-promotion of a new song. At the other side we have the activation of fans and the generation of an additional revenue stream prior to the launch of a song.

We have to keep in mind that Shook now has 272 people who own shares of the future earnings of the song Survivors. Therefore Shook will responsibly invest his NSO revenue, to promote the song and take proper care of his new range of fans, the shareholders.

The same goes for his investors. They not own any copyright, only the right to collect part of the royalties through AIP. The exact description of the shared earnings is stated in the financial part of the song on the AIP trading platform.

They have purchased the first amount of limited shares for US$ 0.35 per share and can now potentially sell at US$ 0.45 per share. Also they can start to invite other people to register and invest in shares on AIP. Also they can start promoting the song Survivors through their networks to increase the revenue, resulting in a higher pay-out by royalties.

Share future earning on AIP

From concept to digital asset

Next steps in launching a new song with AIP.

Shook generated a total revenue out of his NSO of almost US$ 7,000. Of this amount US$ 2,500 will be donated to the Support Casper project. This leaves US$ 4,500 which Shook will invest in his next song and the promotion of Survivors.

Also, part of this revenue will be used to cover regular expenses as promotion of the NSO, recording of the song, distribution and mastering of the recording.

The other part will be invested in the promotion of Survivors. This means that with this additional income out of the NSO, Shook can invest in visibility of the song and join forces with his shareholders to ensure the success in performance of his digital asset, the song Survivors.

  • Survivors will be available on all streaming services in EU/US as per February 12, 2019
  • Survivors will be available in China through Netease as per February 12, 2019
  • Survivors will be available in S-Korea through I Feel Music as per February 12, 2019.
  • The song will be pushed to editorial playlists on Spotify​​​​.
  • On Facebook and Instagram Shook will run an extra promotion between February 12, 2019 and February 29, 2019 to promote his song
  • Shook will activate his share holders on AIP to start sharing the song, add it to playlists and other media outlets after release.
  • Shook will distribute the first revenue to his share holders on AIP 6 months after release date on August 12, 2019.