We have the technology.
The market is ready.
The time is now!

AIP unites industry and market participants in a mutually beneficial ecosystem

Why AIP?

It’s no secret that music is the universal language. Music has transformative qualities and the ability to unite people from different backgrounds, cultures, and countries. What’s not so well-known to all is how difficult and time consuming earning a fair share can be for creators.

AIP was created by CME, a global company with team members in Singapore, the United States, China, France, and the Netherlands. We are a passionate group of music industry veterans and creators with over a decade of experience developing innovative products and services that inspire and empower artists of today as well as tomorrow. We believe that music creation has real value and artists should get fair compensation for their work. We also strongly believe in the value and power of community.

We developed AIP to be the global music exchange for the tokenization of songs and trading of royalty shares. Our mission is to:

  • Fuel a healthy music economy by connecting creators with capital and growing liquidity for long-term assets with 100+ years of copyrights
  • Unite  industry stakeholders, artists, and consumers in a mutually beneficial ecosystem
  • Bridge the content sharing gap between Asia and the Western world
  • Embrace responsibility, transparency, and security in the technology we use and the business we conduct

Join the movement as we streamline the song revenue process, share the power and value of music, and cultivate new creations.

Be bullish on the future of music!

The Team

Zhao Yitian 


Jerry Chan


Jordan Rudess

Chief Musical Officer

Stéphane Viaud Murat 


Sven Gaubert

Full-Stack Development

Martin Ratinaud

Full-Stack Development

Jérome Dumas

Mobile Development

Yvan Rajaonarivony

Mobile Development

Evan O’Brien 

Business Development (USA)

Thomas Gerbrands

Business Development (Europe)

Darren Wee

Business Development (Asia)

Jonathan Huang


Mr. K L Teh 

Financial System Advisor

Foo Say Juan

Financial System Advisor

Dr. Ng Wee Keong

Technology Advisor

Yu Sarn Chiew

Legal Advisor