Invest in your song

Welcome to the premier music exchange for launching NSOs and trading royalty shares.

Artists and labels launch New Share Offerings (NSOs) to sell shares of song earnings to music lovers and investors

Fans and investors earn from selling their shares to others at a profit or by collecting royalty distribution payments

Why trade royalty shares ?

Make money

Music revenue grew over 15% in 2017 in the US alone. Now music lovers and financiers can get a piece of the action as well. Songs are assets with the ability to increase in value and distribute dividends over the period of the original creator's lifetime plus 70 years. Fund a track that becomes a hit, and watch your returns top the charts! 

Support Creators

NSOs allow artists to earn from their content upfront and gain financial independence without giving up copyrights. Fans become part owners of the song’s revenue, motivating them to promote what they’ve invested in. Labels save on spending, as money raised can go towards marketing and distributing the song. Sounds like a win-win-win situation.

Invest in Music

Valuable music is constantly being created all over the world. Beloved songs from today can become the classics of tomorrow. In collaboration with global icons, AIP generates useful capital, cultivates new collaborative projects, and elevates emerging talent. Everyone benefits from fueling a healthier music economy. The market is here. The time is now!

AIP is a new consensus-based revenue model fueling positive growth for creators, fans, and the industry.

Shared Vision

The AIP model unites industry and market participants in a mutually beneficial ecosystem that resolves traditional conflicts of interest, re-energizes the value of existing songs, and cultivates a more productive environment for new musical creation. Learn more about how it works

Robust & Easy to Use

Ground-breaking opportunities should be intuitive. We’ve designed the AIP platform to be insightful and user friendly, no matter how experienced you are with online trading or apps. We’ll hold down the tech, you move the market.

Better Building Blocks

Utilizing blockchain technology, AIP will streamline royalty collection as well as revenue distribution with automated smart contracts. All transactions are encrypted and tracked on a decentralized public ledger, providing unparalleled security and transparency. Coming Q4 2018.

Capital Jumpstart

AIP is a collaborative market maker that invests in content and drives value through the power of community and partnerships. Using a consensus pricing model to valuate NSOs ensures a clear, decentralized process based on supply and demand. The market is open. It’s free to register!

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