4 Reasons to Start Buying Music Shares on AIP

Aug 01

Share song profits at AIP 

Did you ever consider buying cryptocurrencies but do not trust the systems? Did you ever think about investing in the stock market but feel there's too much you don't know? Do you enjoy music and want to earn from something you actually care about and understand?

AIP is the solution. We offer music investment opportunities within an easy-to-use platform. You put some of your money into your favorite song by buying a share or shares of its future earnings (also known as royalties). Then you can collect royalty pay as the song earns revenue from streaming, licensing, downloads, and more. On top of that, you can profit by selling your shares to other investors when the value rises above your purchase price.

AIP gives you the chance to simultaneously invest in valuable assets and support the creations you love!

Too good to be true?

Is this too good to be true? Well, like any opportunity to profit from investments, there are of course some risks. It's a fundamental principle in investing known as the risk-reward or risk-return tradeoff. But also know this: industry data shows that music sales are on the rise for the third straight consecutive year. Revenue has hit its highest mark in a decade, fueled by increasing subscriptions and licensing deals. That means music earning is on a major upswing.  

Now is the time to combine that momentum with a modern digital marketplace that gives fans and investors profit opportunities in exchange for capital they supply to creators for their content. And we are committed to providing an intuitive, secure, and transparent experience throughout. That is our promise.

Get in on the action

Are you what some may call an early adopter? Do you look for groundbreaking products and services? Are you the market mover that identifies growth potential? Well, AIP is the new model with the ability to change the music business for good. Are you with us? 

Here are 4 reasons why you should be!


With an investment in AIP, you become an important participant in the development process of your favorite music and your top artists. Buying a share at AIP means you boost a creator's financial independence. You help them grow their career and create more and better music for you and others to love!

2. Share song profits

Grab an AIP share and start your ownership of song revenue. You'll receive a percentage of the royalties that the music generates. You can also earn by trading shares to other AIP members at a profit. Songs are real assets with the ability to increase in value and distribute dividends over the period of the original creator's lifetime plus 70 years!


Invest in the future of music. Currently, the music industry is thriving again. Streaming services are growing rapidly. Sync deals are licensing songs for film, TV, video games, and more. The world is getting more and more connected. With every investment in AIP, you re-energize music and cultivate new creativity. Record labels save on spending, as funds raised can go towards marketing and distributing the song. Fans are no longer just consumers—they're stakeholders in a healthier music ecosystem. Join the movement and build new ways to keep music flourishing.

4. EXPERIENCE TRANSPARENCY, security, and efficiency

AIP harnesses the power of free market economics, and we do it with transparency and security at top of mind. Our innovative exchange helps you understand and capitalize on the musical opportunities of today while utilizing the technology of the future. We'll be integrating blockchain-based features designed to optimize efficiency, safety, and information access while reducing the costs and effort that can be associated with manual royalty collection.

Together we can refresh outdated royalty systems, streamline music revenue distribution, and amplify the profit potential for all!