Security is our main concern

Our duty is to offer you the best music trading service in the world, with the best possible conditions.
Our platform has therefore been designed with the latest technologies in terms of security, availability and reliability. 


Our servers are linux-based, located in Google Cloud, behind firewalls.
Our website traffic is encrypted using SSL.
Our solution insures a 99.9% availability.


Our database is backed up every 15 minutes
Our platform doesn't store any credit cards information, but delegate it to our payment gateway partner.


We check criminal background of our employees.
We use separate and strong passwords everywhere, and two-step verification.
Aip Employees must encrypt their hard drives, use strong passwords and lock the screen.
All our trashed documents are shreded.


Our plaftorm is protected against the most common attacks, including XSS, CSRF, dDOS and SQL injection.
Many actions, like login attempts, are rate-limited in time.
We use up-to-date software and algorithms.
We monitor any suspicious activity.


All passwords stored in the database are encrypted using bcrypt with a salt round of 12.
All passwords have to be strong, with 8 char min, at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one number.
Application credentials are kept separate from the database and code base.
2-Step Verification is available, using Google Authenticator.


More than 95% of the deposits are stored in hardware wallets and paper wallets.
Wallet backups are stored encrypted in digital and paper forms, in vaults accross various locations around the world.