Invest Today, Earn Tomorrow

Invest Today, Earn Tomorrow

Welcome to AIP!


Wow! You have come a long way. From supporting your favourite artist on social media to investing your free credits into a specific song. Let us start with thanking you for taking your time to be part of this. We are sure it is much appreciated by the artist. We can now officially welcome you to the online platform AIP.

What just happened?

You invested your free credit into your favourite artist.. To be more specific, you just bought shares of a new song by this artist. What does that mean? Let us try to explain. When a musician creates a song, that creator has a right to earn money with the ownership of that song. Musicians, songwriters and producers can earn money from a song by collecting royalties. Royalties are paid when the song is played on stage, on the radio, on a streaming service like Spotify and when it is used in a commercial or on TV. Music is everywhere., Music is everywhere, so royalties are collected almost everywhere. The model is not that complex, really it is not. Just read more about it here.

Ok, I understand that! But what did I just do?

While investing the free credit you received into the song, you bought some shares of this song. This means you own shares, which give you the right to collect a corresponding percentage of the royalty revenue of this song through AIP. That sounds nice, right? You now are a shareholder of a song. You now earn money out of the future earnings of the song. Besides supporting the artist, you actually amplify each other to make the song more successful. This will benefit both you and the artist. Read further to find out how this really works.

Allright! So how does it work?

The artist that launched the public sales of the shares of a song offered a percentage of future earnings to the public. You just got your hands on a part of it. Every time you listen to this song, through for instance a digital service, you earn a bit of money for both the artist and you. Every time you activate family members and friends to listen to the song or add it to playlists, you will support yourself and the artist. 

This is quite easy to understand, right? You are part of the business model. While activating others and listening yourself, you generate revenue. And as a shareholder you have the right to collect part of it through AIP. 

Every step I take, every move you make!

We at AIP are working on a daily basis, with our international team, to make our platform more and more easy for you to understand. Although the concept is simple and effective, the system behind it is more complex. As soon as you understand the value and power of your position as a shareholder, there are only a few things you have to do to make a difference. Keep in mind that every action you take to promote the song will benefit you and the artist in multiple ways.

Ok! Nice! What do I have to do?

Visit AIP and make sure your account is setup correctly. You can either invest your credit in an open NSO or invest it in an already trading song, Just follow the step-by-step guides on the platform. It will only take 5 steps and 5 minutes max.

At AIP we call the public sales period of shares to the public, the NSO stage. It is quite similar to ICOs and IPOs. The NSO stage is a short period in which the community decides the price per share. You can read more about the NSO here.

As soon as the NSO period ends you will become an official shareholder and the best fan any artist can imagine. Now you can collect your part of the feature earnings. Also, you can start investing your free credit into other shares of any song available on the platform. Slowly but firmly you can build an entire royalty shares portfolio. You will collect the royalty earnings from the shares you own automatically. through AIP

There is more!!!

There is more. As soon as you start to become a regular visitor of AIP, you will notice that you also can buy and sell shares to other music investors. This is the trading part. You can purchase more shares of other songs by placing orders in our trading system. How cool is that? You can build an entire portfolio of shares from artists all over the world.

Furthermore you can earn from the song’s royalty distribution as well as when you sell shares valued above your purchase price. This is the reason why it is important to have the NSO period. We want the public to be the entity to decide the pricing of the shares, not any centralised organisation or person. That is true decentralised consensus pricing we call the NSO.,

Wow! That is amazing. Is there more? 

So there are already two ways to earn money on AIP. The first is by investing your credit into a song in the NSO stage and wait until these are converted into shares. Now you own an amount of shares with a specific price. This makes you a shareholder of the song and now you have the right to collect a part of the future earnings through AIP..

Besides this you can learn how to trade and get a better understanding of our platform. You can start selling shares and buying others by placing BID/ASK orders against LIMIT/MARKET pricing.

We hear you think "WHAT??".

Yes, we need you to understand a tiny bit of how trading platforms work. That is why we added a step-by-step guide as soon as you arrive on the platform. It is easy to understand. We have given you some free credit to start to get a better understanding. This is now invested into the NSO of your favourite artist and corresponding song.

So actually there is no free credit left to start trading, right? Wrong! You can either wait until the NSO period ends and your investment is converted into shares and start trading or take a next step and start inviting other people from your network to invest free credit and register on to AIP.

Remember? Every new person you get to register through your personalised link will earn you extra free credit. You can become a real ambassador today. Find out more on how to refer & earn here.

Join AIP today. Invest in a song!

AIP is an online platform where artists can offer a part of their future earnings to you. With the tokenisation of this song we create a place where you can become an essential member of the artist's community. You can keep your shares and earn by listening, sharing and promoting the song. You can earn more by investing wisely, inviting more people and selling your shares at a higher price. You now can become a real music investor, build your portfolio, scout talent and start trading.

Are you ready for the next step? Complete your registration and join the adventure.