Announcing AIP – The Song Exchange for Trading Royalty Shares

Jul 17

We all have a song 

It’s no secret that music is the universal language. Music has transformative qualities. It has the ability to unite people​ from different backgrounds, cultures, and countries.

Every day valuable music is created all over the world. With the rise in streaming, as well as licensing for film and TV, the music industry is lifting off into another golden age. That means royalties—or revenues that songs earn—are growing.

What’s not so well-known is how time consuming earning a fair share has been for creators. Because the industry is in the process of modernizing old royalty collection systems, the capital needed to keep creating and promoting content can come slowly for many artists. Until now...


The global music exchange that enables fans to invest in songs while providing artists and other content owners liquidity upfront for their creations. 

Artists, publishers, and labels launch New Share Offerings (or NSOs) to sell shares of song earnings to music lovers and investors. 

Fans and investors earn from selling their shares to others at a profit or by collecting annual royalty distributions.

Why trade royalty shares?

1. Make Money

Music revenue grew over 15% in 2017 in the US alone. Now music lovers and financiers can get a piece of the action. Fund a track that becomes a hit, and watch your returns top the charts!

2. Support Creators

NSOs allow artists to earn from their content upfront and gain providing financial independence. Fans become part owners of the song’s revenue, incentivizing them to promote the content they’ve invested in. Labels save on spending, as money raised can go towards marketing and distributing the song. Sounds like a win-win-win situation. 

3. Invest in Music

Beloved songs from today can become the classics of tomorrow. In collaboration with global icons, AIP generates useful capital, cultivates new collaborative projects, and elevates emerging talent. Everyone benefits from fueling a healthier music economy!

We’ll hold down the tech, you move the market.

We’ve designed the platform to be insightful and user friendly, no matter how experienced you are with online trading or apps. AIP's automated royalty collection and distribution tools will soon be backed by blockchain, streamlining the music revenue process while sharing the power of song. 

Invest in your song.