Turn your fans
into investors.

Sell shares of your future songs earnings to music lovers and investors. Create a new revenue stream with AIP! 

What is AIP?

The global music exchange for trading royalty shares.

A trading platform ...

Offer a part of your song's future earnings towards the public. Activate your fans to become investors. Grow your revenue and benefit together.

... for copyrights owners ...

Keep 100% ownership. Custom build your public offer. Build a mutually beneficial business. Increase your profits with the power of the public.

... to create new revenue streams.

Growth hack your revenue exponentially. Generate crowd funded returns. Invest your additional income wisely. Become the next level creator!

Why AIP?

AIP.trade is the global platform for trading royalty shares. The online music exchange where artists, musicians and other copyright owners can launch New Share Offering (NSO).

Start selling shares of your song's future earnings to your fans, music lovers and investors. Let your fans become your investors. Your investors earn from selling shares at a profit, or by collecting periodic royalty payments. Activate your fans with this mutual interest of making money and let them become your best promotors.

Growth hack your music business and increase your revenue exponentially with the power of the public. Let your shareholders generate revenue by listening and sharing your music online. Tokenise your music. Activate the crowd.


Case Study: how Shook got his fans to invest in his new song

AIP is the innovative platform where artists, musicians and any other music copyrights owner can offer part of their future earnings of a new song to the public.

This new approach offers artists the opportunity to generate immediate revenue out of an unreleased, new song (similar to an advanced payment by a record label)), while activating their community to become involved on a business level in the revenue generation and promotion of their beloved musical creations.

To provide a better insight in what a public offering (as we like to call it New Share Offering or NSO) can do for you as an artist and fan we teamed up with truly independent artist Shook.

How does AIP work for copyright owners

Six steps to launching an NSO and beyond.

  • 1
    Apply for an NSO using the “Get Started” button.
  • 2
    AIP will asses your request and contact you.
  • 3
    Launch your NSO, Activate your crowd.
  • 4
    Collect you first revenue after 14 days.
  • 5
    Start trading shares and sell at profit.
  • 6
    Distribute royalty towards shareholders periodically.

Tokenise your Music

Growth hack your profits

Activate the crowd

Create an extra revenue stream

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